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The Beauty of Natural Hair

October 18, 2021 2 min read

The Beauty of Natural Hair

The Beauty of Natural Hair

Nothing comes close to connecting with the authentic, untainted form of your hair in its natural state. It embodies truth, liberty, personality with a whole lot of kink and curl definitions.

Strength and resilience are some descriptive words that can be used to describe the beauty of natural hair. Natural hair has the ability to provide better protection against breakage and environmental influences – and you can count on it to always make a statement.

Here we will discuss the beauty of natural hair and why embracing it is so liberating.

Definition of Natural Hair

Natural hair is defined as hair that has not been altered by chemicals like relaxers or texturizers that straighten the hair permanently. Natural hair ranges from type 1-4 (straight, wavy, curly, and tight curls, respectively). 

Natural black hair has a variety of textures, generally ranging from wavy to coils and kinks. The truth is there are some black individuals who have naturally straight hair. The texture of natural black hair is directly tied to the genes in your family of origin. 

Though Black hair embodies strength, it requires specific care like routine moisturizing and conditioning to allow it to thrive because, without proper care, it tends to be fragile and dry. 

Why is Natural Hair so Beautiful?

There are many elements that make natural hair beautiful, and once you embrace being a natural, you experience such liberation.

Versatile. As earlier expressed, natural hair embodies strength and resilience. This makes it very versatile as it can undergo healthful straightening and hairstyles such as buns, twist-outs, locs, braids, and afro puffs. The versatility of natural hair allows you to embrace your personality and express yourself. 

  • Inspiration. As black women have taken a stance to embrace their natural tresses, they have made it their duty to leave an imprint on the generation amongst young girls. This has taught young girls that embracing their natural curls is beautiful. Natural hair is more than creating a stunning appearance but connecting with self-outside of the societal image of only being beautiful when your hair is straightened. 
  • Healthy. Natural hair embraces health by dismissing the use of harsh and harmful chemicals to your hair strands and overall body. Relaxers or texturizers break down the natural structure of the hair strands, leaving them susceptible to becoming brittle, dry, and damaged. You also risk your scalp being burnt by the chemicals contained within the relaxers that can pose the threat of entering your bloodstream and causing further damage to your health. 
  • Encourages Growth. One of the benefits of natural hair is that in this state, the hair can thrive better. Hair tends to be thicker and fuller.


**Please note that these are tips and should be tailored to your hair type, needs and lifestyle. For example: we may offer tips on using conditioner, however depending if you have locs; some people use conditioner on their locs and some don’t. Do what you feel works for you and your hair. **

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