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Embracing Your Natural Hair

October 18, 2021 2 min read

Embracing Your Natural Hair

How Can You Embrace Your Natural Hair 

Embracing your natural hair is the decision to assume self-confidence. The recognition of natural hair holds unto to being true to yourself in your skin regardless of societal views. 

When you have accepted your natural hair, you begin to exude a sense of self which automatically impacts how people relate to you.

With natural hair, it's more than looks. It's about connecting with your inner self. 

It's interesting how embracing your natural hair immediately starts 'thickening your skin' to withstand all the criticisms and unwelcomed opinions that will come. It teaches you how to be bold and fearless – comfortable in your own decisions. 

Who would have thought embracing your natural hair would cause a mental transformation and view of self? It's beautiful how embracing your natural hair curls immediately encourages self-discovery and personal development. 

Going natural is a self-empowering journey that pushes you to dig deeper into the avenues of yourself that you didn't even know existed. 

Caring for Your Natural Hair

It's interesting how as you begin to embrace your natural kinks and curls, you develop an innate love for your natural hair and want the absolute best for it. You begin to research and select the best hair products or even diets that will boost the growth and health of your hair. 

It's not just about going natural but the decision to experience your natural hair by learning to care for it yourself and even making attempts at styling it daily.

This is not to say that you will not allow an expert to assist you with the care and styling from time to time. 

Caring for your natural hair should take into consideration the following hair care routine steps. 

  1. Deep Condition.Caring for natural hair means deep conditioning your hair at least twice per week. Select a great moisturizing conditioner that will cause your hair to soak in all the moisture it requires to hold the perfect moisture balance throughout your hair strands.
  1. Sulphate-Free Shampoo. The beauty of natural hair is embraced through gaining knowledge of the makeup of natural hair. The truth is natural hair tends to be dry; it's essential to select a shampoo that will not cause further drying effects but rather encourage moisture. Sulfate-free shampoos cleanse the hair effectively without extensively stripping the hair of natural essential oils that keep it healthy. 
  1. Protein Treatment. A conditioner fortified with protein-rich ingredients will add strength to the hair strands and protect them from breakage. This should be done once a month. Maintaining the perfect moisture-protein balance is key to caring for and embracing your natural hair. 
  2. Incorporate water-based moisturizer and natural oil.Moisture is best absorbed by using moisturizers daily that has a great water content which causes it to penetrate the hair instead of sitting on the top layer of the hair. Natural oils work at sealing in the moisture imparted to keep it from becoming dry. 

**Please note that these are tips and should be tailored to your hair type, needs and lifestyle. For example: we may offer tips on using conditioner, however depending if you have locs; some people use conditioner on their locs and some don’t. Do what you feel works for you and your hair. **

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