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Are You Over Manipulating Your Hair?

December 26, 2021 2 min read

Are You Over Manipulating Your Hair?

Let’s be honest, it’s very difficult for a woman to keep her hands out of her hair. Did you know that constantly touching and styling your hair can lead to over manipulation? 

Over manipulating your hair is to style your hair more than once per day constantly. It is nice to have your hair neatly combed and brushed to keep it neat, but by doing this, you over manipulate your hair strands leaving it more exposed to breakage. Thus, it prevents you from retaining hair growth. 

Don’t get it wrong, though; in caring for your hair daily, you must manipulate it. It helps to include protective hairstyles that cause you to interact with your hairless thus giving it seasons of rest. This is considered low manipulation, and it boosts hair growth for your hair strands. 

As you continue reading, you will gain a better insight and understanding of over manipulation, the negative impacts, signs of over manipulating your hair, low manipulation, and the benefits.

The Negative Impacts of Over Manipulation

The consistent styling of your hair will ensure your hair always looks neat, and it gives a satisfying feeling, but it negatively impacts your hair in these ways: 

  • Fragile Hair Strands
  • Hair Breakage
  • Inability to Retain Hair Length

 Signs of Over Manipulation

You can look out for certain signs if you become concerned that you are over manipulating your hair. These are:

  • Product Buildup
  • Hair Breakage
  • Excessive Hair Shedding
  • Bald spots 
  • Dry Hair Strands and Scalp
  • Frizz 
  • Limp Hair 

 Low Manipulation and its Benefits

Earlier, we lightly expressed protective styling as a low manipulation hair styling option that helps to boost hair growth. Other than protective styles, there are different low manipulation hairstyles like two-strand twists and wash-and-go’s that yield significant hair growth and minimize breakage. 

At times these low manipulation hairstyles prove to be even more beneficial than protective hairstyles because they put less pressure on the scalp and hairline than specific braid extensions, cornrows, or sew-ins. 

Low manipulation hairstyles like wash-and-go’s, buns (that are not tight), braid outs, and twists are easier to maintain while still allowing you to care for your hair, unlike protective styles that cause you to neglect caring for your hair while installed. 

Even as you care for your hair daily with the use of low manipulation hairstyles it is important that you employ healthy hair care routines like moisturizing with natural oil sealing process, washing, and conditioning your hair weekly, protein and moisture treatments where necessary and trimming your hair ends at least every 3-4 months. Low manipulation should never lead to low maintenance.

 Final Thoughts 

As you seek to improve your hair growth and length retention, consider incorporating low manipulation hairstyles. Though it is fun to manipulate your hair often, it will leave your hair and scalp compromised and prone to damage. GoldiLocsNC offers several natural hair care products to support you on your natural hair journey. Use the code HAIRBLOG at checkout to save 15% on your next purchase. www.goldilocsnc.com

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