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How to Moisturize Your Hair

January 02, 2022 3 min read

How to Moisturize Your Hair

Did you know that moisturizing your hair is more than just applying a moisturizer to your hair strands? True moisture is absorbed within the cuticles of your hair strands when your hair is first saturated adequately with water; then, a moisturizer is applied, followed by a natural oil to seal in the moisture. 

Moisturizing your hair is essential as it helps to keep it healthy, strong, and free from extensive damage that can lead to hair loss. When hair is adequately moisturized, you will experience smooth and bouncy hair strands without visible signs of split ends. 

Though much focus is placed on moisturizing hair strands to maintain hair growth and retention, keeping the scalp watered is essential. A healthy scalp is the root of producing quality hair strands and long-lasting hair health. When your scalp is moisturized, it helps to prevent dry hair strands and dry scalp.  

There are other steps that are instrumental in understanding how to moisturize your hair effectively. Combined, they will help to allow your hair strands to better soak in the daily water and oil sealant moisturizing process.

Let's have a closer look at these steps. 

  1. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo.Sulfate-free shampoos are less abrasive on the hair and scalp and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. When sulfate-free shampoos are utilized at each wash session, your hair stands a better chance at striving and soaking in the moisture and seal step process.   
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  1. Moisturizing Conditioner. After the shampoo has cleansed your hair of impurities and product buildup, it is essential to reapply moisture to even further boost the moisture balance present within your hair strands and scalp. Though the sulfate-free shampoo will not dry out your hair, applying a moisturizing conditioner is important to further prevent damage as you detangle and provide the adequate moisture necessary in the process.

  2. Leave-in Conditioner. This is just a must to impact the moisture levels within your hair strands throughout the week until your next wash day. Leave-in conditioners act as a treatment to safeguard the hair strands from damage caused by manipulation during styling. It creates a healthy environment for the hair strands to retain moisture better. 
  1. Moisturize and Seal.Water is the main ingredient that is used to hydrate hair. Moisturizers that include water are also beneficial in hydrating hair and locking in moisture within the strands. After hydrating the hair strands, hair should be sealed with a natural hair oil like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil of your choosing. After water or moisturizer has been added, the use of natural oils boosts the moisture naturally in strands and seals it. When hair strands are not sealed with a natural oil, hair is not moisturized and becomes dry and prone to damage. 

Final Thoughts 

Taking steps to moisturize your hair will boost the moisture balance retained within your hair strands and scalp. Moisturizing your hair isn't a one-day affair; it's a concerted effort made daily with the above routine strategy. These steps will bring about the results you desire and afford your hair the health it deserves. GoldiLocsNC offers several natural hair care products to support you on your natural hair journey. Use the code HAIRBLOG at checkout to save 15% on your next purchase. www.goldilocsnc.com

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